Badu @ The Mezzanine SF....can someone name that song?

I went and checked out the Ankh Marketing Anniversary party at The Mezzanine in SF this past Friday (8/13) and the scene was real live! The folks DJ DSharp was spinning his ass off, and really got the crowd goin' I was impressed as I was busy cuttin' it up with my two step! lol! then the set moved to EPMD coming through and doing like 4 songs and bouncing, it was real nice seeing them- especially having listened to them back in the day and seeing them still bring it was very inspiring!! By this time it was like 1 am and most everybody was still waiting on the headliner: Erykah Badu spin her set!! When she got on there was a little bit of technical difficulties, and a voice over the PA going "Engineering can you turn up the levels on the stage!" this was proceeded by a beat playing and Badu saying "That's not the one" which ironically seemed to match the tempo of the beat so folks in the crowd (me included) started rhythmically chanting on the one "That's not the one" then soon after all glitches got worked out and she dropped what seemed like an old school mix that seriously reminded me of being at a family BBQ back in the day the music was solid! I was dancing again!!! Even dropped a gratuitous Bay Area Too $hort "Whistle" song that seemed to send everyone into a frenzy (again, me included!) Then towards the end of her set she dropped this track in the following video clip that had me wondering "Whose song is that??!!" in a good way the track was fresh!!! If anyone knows please reach out to:! Thanks!!