The Countdown to The Unspoken Word : 9/29/11


Everyday notes on the way to the countdown to The Unspoken Word release:


9/7/2011 - Gettin' ready to release The Unspoken Word video commercial skit parody info-pharmaceutical add skit thingy this week! Excited and gigglin' about it all! Funny how these things are all falling into place! Back to the grind!!

9/5/2011 - The last two days have been fresh! Yesterday went to the Music in the Park festival in Golden Gate Park (SF) and heard DJ Mr. E and Shortkut (amongst others) spin! It was real dope, Bay Area hip-hop was in full effect, people were hanging out with their kids and family, and the vibe was real lovely! Then on Saturday Woodstock (of Crown City) and I got down and recorded a video drop for The Unspoken Word album that I think y'all will dig and laugh at, at the same time. While we were recording we took a break and I was able to record this accapella...check it out on youtube :] (p.s. - the fit I have on was part of the commerical drop we were filming! lol!)



9/3/2011 - Long day of video shooting with the homie Woodstock. Low budget guerrilla style, on his iPhone! I think we got some great footage. Even an accapella sOuL spitting 16 in the park! Will post soon, long day super whooped, it's 1:30 am and the bed is calling. technically it's 9/4 so 25 days till The Unspoken Word lifts off! more details on the video shoot tomorrow...


9/2/2011 Late night promoting, meeting the people, shaking the hands last night, makes for a very sleepy morning. Being an artist with a day job means having 3 jobs really!! I'm still determined to get the word out about this record - it deserves to be heard. The Unspoken Word, part political, part personal and all hip-hop! Best believe it! Shooting a video drop this weekend - Labor Day weekend! The 3 day break couldn't come sooner! Thanks for reading this!!


9/1/2011: The Countdown to The Unspoken Word is on! It's Sept 1st 2011, and as I wrote today on Twitter: "Hello September: i think you will be a month to remember. now it's time to go make dreams into realities..." this next album is a dream come true really. 5 years in the making. Spreading the word will require some work, but i'm juiced - truly!! If you're reading this, do stay tuned. I will be posting everyday for the next 28 days until the album gets released. On the way I will be dropping snippets of the record as well as some videos. stay up. stay ready!