New sOuL video for I Am You to be released

9/18/2011 - Fresh off of the cool experience of having the Pop Chips contest select my song "I Am You" for their SXSW contest. We will be releasing the video for this song tomorrow Monday Sept 19th!! To say that i'm ecstatic would be putting it mildly! This piece was done with a director I've been wanting to collab with a few years now - March The 5th! Along with the track's producer - Woodstock - the shoot was pretty fresh! We shot on location, guerilla style (akin to the great indie films of the 70's) we showed up in various spots in the Bay, from downtown Oakland, jumping on the BART train, to downtown the SF and just did our thing! Some people stopped and stared others went by nodding their heads. The experience was inspiring! Below is a shot of the video shoot that we did in front of legendary Bay Area graph artist Estria's Water Writes mural (Oakland edition) while we didn't shoot the whole piece in the video the panoramic view of this piece is pretty bad ass!! If you're ever in downtown Oakland please check it out @ Broadway and 21st! Stay tuned for the I Am You video tomorrow y'all!