sOuL: The Unspoken Word

sOuL: The Unspoken Word


Nobody gave sOuL permission to make his brand of Hip-Hop, and he likes it this way. His sophomore release

The Unspoken Word

is a 7 track EP, that is equally political, futuristic and eclectic. Aptly named The Unspoken Word as the cure for an artist haunted by a 1,000 half written songs, but chose 7 to capture the sore of police brutality in a city with sleepless nights, pondering triumph and time travel – amongst other things. Sparked by the tragic events of a black youth murdered by local transit police in his hometown of Oakland, CA, the need to escape the expected rap narrative appeared, and The Unspoken Word was born. The album features production by Headnodic (Crown City/Mighty Underdogs), Woodstock (Crown City), Official (New Zealand), Kevin O'Dea and sOuL himself. For a limited time you can download the album for $3 from the sOuL Bandcamp page, or listen to it entirely for free from this page as well:

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