Random Thoughts on Current Affairs For Which I Care to Comment:


Not to overstate the obvious, but Whitney Houston's passing has sucked. I've been struck with the samse sense of loss felt when Aaliyah died – as if taken too soon, too early. Grateful for what she gave me musically when my ears began to peak to music in the "golden age". Spanning parts of my world from the early to late 90's, I would sometimes revisit hearing her sing, reminding me of my mother playing her music when I was a kid. Funny how these things can take you to a place and time...Whitney's passing has also made me think about how so many in our community die at an early age. I can't speculate on what caused her death (in the abscence of a coroner's report no doubt), but I can say that I've seen drug addiction, hypertension, cancer, heart disease, violent crime, suicide and a host of other societal and body ailments claim the lives of people far too young (as if there's ever an appropriate age for death). Meanwhile I keep turning on the radio expecting to hear Whitney Houston songs and all I get is the normal top chart whatevers. Lame. Fail. I want Whitney remixes and mashups, interluded with JDilla beats behind Whitney interviews, along with studio outakes from the "I'm Your Baby Tonight" sessions. Yeah I know it's a bit much, but why not?! It would be a shame to loose the artistic impact she had on music in exchange for surface media treatment...just sayin.


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