sOuL: In Motion | Going To Savannah | Boombastic love!

Peace Fam!

It's been a few weeks since my last post. Things are in motion, shortly after releasing the video Boombastic (which is getting a lot of hits btw - thanks for the love y'all!! Be sure to get your free copy of Boombastic here too: I found out I'll be playing two gigs on the same night at the 2012 Savannah Urban Arts Festival in Savannah Georgia - April 17th to be exact! If that wasn't dope, fresh, kick a$$ and ecstatic enough, I'll be rockin it with Woodstock on the MPC.  As many of you know Woodstock has been instrumental in producing a few songs off of the album and shooting/producing a bunch of my videos - the latest of which is Boombastic. Prepping for this show, along with promoting, along with the everyday grind has kept my plate full, but great none the less! I've always enjoyed my visits to Georgia - mostly in Atlanta, and this will be the first time in Savannah, so I'm looking forward to it!

All of y'all in the Savannah Georgia area please come out on April 17th and party with myself and Woodstock! Showtimes are the following: 8pm at Muse Arts Warehouse (703-D Louisville R.Savannah, GA) and 11:30 pm at The Jinx (127 W. Congress St. Savannah, GA)

 Until next time...