2012 Savannah Urban Arts Festival

2012 Onwards To 2013


2012 was an amazing year! I took steps closer to living my dreams, staying creative and collaborating with some truly talented folks! Along the way many of you have downloaded my songs, reached out with your support and shared my music with others, for this I am truly thankful. 2012 had me dropping videos shot by Woodstock (Boombastic hit 18k views in one month!) or performing at SUAF 2012 music festival, to name a few. I look forward to sharing more music in the new year. Hope you all have a safe and special New Years and a great 2013!





Let The Video Tell It...

I had every intention of sharing details of how cool it was performing at this years Savannah Urban Arts Festival: 2 gigs same night, meeting Polo and the work his organization (AWOL) is doing with the inner city youth there, the positive feedback, rocking sets and shooting a new video with Woodstock in front  of the "Before I Die" art project...yeah all of that, and then some.  In the end, I thought this video summed it up best, words just couldn't do it. Sometimes it be like that. Thank God for Youtube ;)