DREAMS is the second single off of the Contraband Mixtape - a dub reggae infused hip-hop anthem (prod. by DJ DSharp) about achieving one’s aspirations against all odds. The visuals for DREAMS (directed by Woodstock) bounce along to the song's theme of creating the things we envision, and seeing obstacles as opportunities. Accompanied by a driving beat DREAMS culminates into a chorus that features vocalist Sonia Whittle, a pyramid and visuals that move to the music.Check out the video for DREAMS here:

New Video: Hand Ova Fist

My new video Hand Ova Fist is now available for your viewing pleasure ;) Lol! All jokes aside I'm happy to share this video with you as it is the 1st single off of my forthcoming project: Contraband Mixtape! Directed by the homie Woodstock, Hand Ova Fist is a lyrical/visual tale about running from the police and as you'll see...I'm running a lot!! Please check out the video and free download via the links below, and if you like it feel free to share it with your friends, family and social media ;)