sOuL & Woodstock

Gil Scott-Heron Tribute




Produced by Woodstock



sOuL - Black Mahogany Frost

Produced by Woodstock


sOuL - I Am You

Produced by March the 5th


sOuL - PSA Snippet (for The Unspoken Word Album Release)

Produced by Woodstock


My Creative Advantage

We all have a creative advantage.: something that motivates us to go beyond what we thought we could do. Here's my creative advantage: 11.5 yr old iPod. It has outlasted 2 other new Ipods. Broken top. I've written to hundreds of beats off of it. Great for throwing mixes on in the car. In fact, the only way it runs is when hookedup to my car stero. lol! Otherwise, battery life? 5 min. I could upgrade, but something about the grit of it lasting to serve a creative purpose- makes me respect it more ;)





Video Shooting With Woodstock...

New music coming soon!

Photo by Woodstock at the video shoot!




sOuL Performing At Oakland's Legionnaire Saloon 12/17 - Come Through!!!

What's good people!!

I have a show coming up in two weeks that I'm VERY EXCITED ABOUT ;) I'll be rocking at Oakland's Legionnaire Saloon on 12/17. I've been wanting to perform  at this spot for a minute, I get to share the bill with a group I've been collaborating with (Upwords Movement!) and most of all I'll be performing my set with the homies: Woodstock (Crown City) on the MPC and Kev O'Dea (Grease Traps) on guitar! It's only $7 at the door, opens up at 8 and a great way to start your weekend off right! Details below...come through!!



Opening Up For Yasiin Bey (fka Mos Def) Was Amazing!

This had to be one of the funnest gigs I've performed in a long time! Here are  a couple of great photos and hopefully a video snippet is in the works...


(photo courtesy of Eric Arnold)

(photo courtesy of Elon Walton)



sOuL To Open Up For Yasiin Bey/fka Mos Def April 23rd SF!!

What's good people! I'm excited to announce that I will be opening up for the talented Yasiin Bey (fka Mos Def) on April 23rd at the 1015 Folsom club (San Francisco). In addition there will be some other great artists (Jahi/PE2.0 & Antique) and DJs in the house. Shout out to Ankh Marketing for putting me on. Arrive early as I'll probably go on first, stay late and have a great time!


Details below...


s O u L PERFORMS 12/20 @ SPICE MONKEY | Oakland Drops Beats Music Crawl

I'm looking forward to this gig as I'll be returning to the Spice Monkey (1628 Webster St, Oakland, CA) for the 2nd installment of the Oakland Drops Beats Music Crawl. The show begins with an art installation by local artists from 6-7:30pm, then live music begins at 7:30 with MC Intelligence (HipHop), Chloe Jean (R&B) and  most notably the good homies FatheR BrotheR Sun playing their magical blend of funk and hip-hop via a live band at 9pm. I'll be closing the show out around 10, performing songs off of the upcoming sOuL mixtape along with some other gems. Arrive early and pay $5 stay late and get ya mind blown ;) Either way, come through!


Details below...